Engineered Flow

Curtain proposal digital simulation

The curtain installation is designed to engage Rapoport Atrium space of the Blanton Museum of Art in the University of Texas at Austin. This installation responds to its architectural feature, color, and volume of this interior environment. Using non-conventional material, cable tie to construct an open-structured, flexible, dynamic, web-looking piece intends to play with light and shadow, to engage viewers in the space, and to explore the relationship between art and engineering. The installation casts shadows onto space, surface and viewers. Each cable tie represents an individual in forming a larger community; webbed format resembles today’s social connections in a digital era. The “curtain” is hung with monofilament threads to the ceiling beams and walls. With small spinning motor devices to control the hanging threads, the installation can simulate undulating movements. The installation functions as a canopy for the activities at the atrium, a visual guidance to the upper level of the museum space, and a dynamic screen to capture video projection when the outside is dark. “Engineered Flow” also speaks to “Stacked Water” by Teresita Fernández.