To Own Buddha

Canvas, Thread, Stitching

Regardless of religion, each person needs spiritual rest/sanctuary. “To Own Buddha” suggests being mindful while experiencing chaotic life and speaks to inner peace. This work is a personal reflection on my trips to China as well as an artist residency I spent in Budapest, Hungary during the summer of 2014. During those trips, I visited temples and churches, and I allowed myself to have a blank mind so I could embrace new findings about life. The work created uses simple forms and materials. By pulling warp threads from a woven fabric to form an arched-door shape similar to those found in praying spaces, it suggests emptying oneself for acceptance. Measuring personal height, the half-emptied and transparent area is surrounded by randomly hand-sewn threads pulling from another piece to invite inner and outward contemplations. Making the work is slow and meditating as it is essential part of work’s meaning.